25mm Warhammer 40K painted Necrons Immortals

peltasts (31205) inf - figures 15 - greek classical 25mm b787dqtvd11246-Table Top/Historical

25mm Warhammer 40K WDS painted Dark Eldar Voidraven Bomber b79

Our Patients, Our Purpose

25mm Warhammer WGS painted Bretonnian Hugo le petit BR00725mm WW1 VBCW - volunteers - inf (14815)26 HUGH PREDATOR SCI -FI MOVIE VINYL MODEL KIT 1 3

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274-ILL DM 1 87 Kai mit Überdachung FS Stil liberty montiert und beleuchtet
28mm WW2 Bolt Action US Marines Painted to Order
Mother kissing her baby with oxygen tubs in his nose in the mountains during sunset

25mm The hobbit WDS painted Lindir kk98

28mm 19th century british - siege mortor & gun & crew - art (24296)28mm American Civil War DPS Painted ACW Artillery Set GH1246

28mm AWI Plastic DPS painted AWI Field Artillery GH1249
Young patient taking a photo opportunity with an astronaut

25mm unpainted Wargames Foundry metal Darkest African Tribes, 256 figures

28mm British Colonial Infantry Sudan Afghanistan Wars - Painted & Based (R1)

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28mm Egyptian SF Warriors set (3) - Scibor Miniatures
25mm Warhammer 40K DPS Painted Chaos Space Marines Khorne Berzerkers AP5898

Moments to Shine

25mm Warhammer 40K DPS painted Harlequins Voidweaver AP6199
28mm Top Quality Metal Ancients -Aventine Parthian Sassanian Infantry- 16 figs
28mm Warlord Games Soviet IS-2 Platoon (3tanks) Bolt Action (JS-2) BNIB, WWII 25mm Warhammer 40K DPS Painted Orks Megatrakk Scrapjet AP6019

Music helps a family move forward.

28mm WW2 russian - 1 tank - vehicles (24892)29 x SKAVEN Stormvermin painted metal models includes command scarce OOP2D-022-007 Dapol N Gauge Class 68 Evolution 68001 DRS Weathered by TMC

25mm Warhammer 40K DPS painted Space Marines Heroes AP5362

2x Entex USA 1 100 DC3 NORTH CENTRAL + MILITARY USAF Passenger Airplane Kit MIB 3 Atlas Minneapolis & St.Louis 50' Plug Door Boxcar Ho Scale3 DIFFERENT STUFFED PLUSH PINK PIGS - TOY STORY HAMM , 18 FISHER PRICE & 12

25mm Warhammer 40K DPS painted Tua Empire XV8 Battlesuit Commander AP3062

3 Minotaurs Warhammer Classic Oldhammer 1987 Minotaur Metal Pewter Lot Vintage3 STOOGES MUMMY AURORA POLAR LIGHTS Moebius AIRBRUSHD Model

3 x MINITRIX 13251 DB low sided wagons BOXED N Gauge

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30-20362-1 Veterans (Norfolk Southern) SD70ACe Imperial Diesel & Caboose Set MTH
30-73503 New England Alcohol 3-Dome Tank Car MTH